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About Us Hawaiian Volcanic Organic


One of the first Certified Organic Farms in the United States of America.

My first Organic Farm was in 1982 in the mountains of Southern California, adjacent to the National Forest. We were part of California Certified Organics Farmers (CCOF). Before our Certification, we provided produce to local Churches for their outreach programs. Now, over 40 years later, I find myself on the fertile Big Island of Hawaii. We are on 25 acres of tropical jungle in the mountains of Hawaii. This is Agricultural Land or, as we know it, AG Land! The topsoil here is over 10 feet deep and a great place to farm. My first greenhouse consisted of local soil and black cinder. Black cinder is a volcanic product that keeps the soil aerated, drains well, and has the structure that supports IMO’s (indigenous micro-organisms) and micro-nutrients.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a top provider of high-quality organic products while promoting sustainable agriculture practices and fostering strong relationships based on transparency and mutual respect.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our Neighbors with the highest quality organic products, while promoting sustainable agriculture practices and contributing to a healthier and more equitable food system. Sign up to learn about our public presentation on Organic Gardening and Soil Science

Why Choose Us

Locally grown organic products free from harmful pesticides hvo.earth

Quality Products

Potting Soil * Coco Coir & Chips * Vegetable Seeds Organic Top Soil * Organic Fertilizer & Much More

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Organic Products

Everything needed to create your own source of wholesome foods and herbs

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Innovative Solutions

Bokashi Inoculants * Transplant Solutions * HOCl Catchment Cleaner * Soil Minerals * and Much More!

Organic Education - Cultivating Knowledge with a Biological Focus

Organic Education

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