DIY Garden Projects

DIY Garden Projects Hawaiian Volcanic Organic

DIY Garden Projects

Creating DIY compost bins can be a rewarding project for gardeners and environmental enthusiasts alike, offering a sustainable way to recycle kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden. Here’s a simple guide for constructing both outdoor and indoor compost bins, including a materials list for each.

Compost Bin DIY Projects

DIY Garden Projects Hawaiian Volcanic Organic

Outdoor Compost Bin Made from Wooden Pallets

This illustration provides a step-by-step view of assembling a compost bin using wooden pallets, showing how to arrange the pallets in a U-shape and secure them with wire mesh to deter pests.
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DIY Garden Projects Hawaiian Volcanic Organic

Outdoor Wood Frame Compost Bin

The second illustration details the construction of a compost bin using a wood frame, highlighting how to build a rectangular frame from 2x4 lumber, attach 1x6 slats horizontally for airflow, and install a front panel with hinges for easy access.
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DIY Garden Projects Hawaiian Volcanic Organic

Indoor Compost Bin Setup

The final image illustrates setting up an indoor compost bin, including a large plastic bin with ventilation and drainage holes, layers of shredded newspaper or cardboard, a thin layer of soil, kitchen scraps, and charcoal filters under the lid for odor control.
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