We have several types of organic compost. We only use the best ingredients for our Organic Compost.

These are the versions we use on our own Organic Farm and are happy to make it available to our Neighbors on The Big Island!

We originally started out making our own Jadam-style indigenous micro-organisms but found EM1 to be vastly superior. Natural farmers use it because of the beneficial effects both on the soil and the crops. And since I always want the best, we now use it as our exclusive beneficial micro-organisms. EM1 has a tremendous amount of microbes, far more than the Indigenous micro-organisms (IMO). We are now manufacturing Hawaiian Bokashi Inoculant™ which is the Japanese version of an inoculant that is a granular version with a much longer shelf life. We add this to our HVO Compost to increase the number of microbes and microorganisms to create a Super Healthy Soil! We now have this available for Gardeners and Farmers

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Versions we use on our own Organic Farm


Our compost consist of an aged mixture of horse manure, composted goat droppings, untreated wood shavings and untreated hardwood sawdust.

These ingredients are turned frequently and aged for at least 6 months to 8 months.

We spray the compost pile with EM1 as well as an Organic N-P-K fertilizer with a 7-7-7 ratio.

This gives us a vital compost with beneficial bacteria and adequate amounts of Organic Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. This is an unusual organic combination that is normally not attainable on The Big Island.

Price: $250 Per Cubic Yard


This has the same ingredients as Grade One and we also add in green waste and let it compost until we have a nice organic mixture that works well in your garden, greenhouse or orchard. We also use EM1 that is sprayed regularly as we turn our ingredients

Price: $275 Per Cubic Yard

Version Three "In stock Now"

We use a combination of indigenous hardwood sawdust and horse and goat manure that is consistently sprayed with our Organic N-P-K 7-7-7 spray, Hawaiian Bokashi Inoculant, HVO1 Beneficial Microbial Spray, and aged over six months to compost the ingredients

Price: $275 Per Cubic Yard

Mixed With Top Soil/Black Cinder/ Compost Is $139 A Cubic Yard

Version Four "Sold out till next Season"

A combination of untreated hardwood sawdust, green waste, sprayed EM1 and with our 7*7*7 N-P-K organic nutrient spray. Turned and aged and tested to make sure the N-P-K ratio is balanced.

How To Apply Our High Quality Compost

The best place to put organic compost for plants is in their growing medium, which means incorporating it into the soil where your plants are or will be growing. Here are some guidelines on how to use organic compost effectively:

  • Topdressing

    For established gardens and lawns, you can spread a layer of compost on the surface of the soil. This is known as topdressing. Over time, nutrients from the compost will work their way down into the soil and reach the plant roots. This method is particularly useful for lawns and perennial plantings.

  • Incorporating Into The Soil

    When preparing beds for new plants or annuals, mix the compost into the top 6-12 inches of soil. This can greatly improve soil structure, water retention, and nutrient content, providing a healthier environment for plant roots.

  • Potting Mix

    If you're growing plants in containers, you can mix compost with your potting soil. A common mix is one-third compost to two-thirds potting soil, but this can vary depending on the plant's specific needs. This enriches the potting mix and improves its nutritional content and water retention capabilities.

  • Planting Holes

    When planting individual plants, like vegetables, shrubs, or trees, you can mix compost directly into the soil at the bottom of the planting hole or mix it with the soil used to backfill the hole. This gives the new plant a nutrient-rich environment to start in.

  • As A Mulch

    Compost can also be used as a mulch around the base of plants. While it doesn't suppress weeds as effectively as some other mulches, it will enrich the soil as it breaks down and can help retain soil moisture.

  • For Seed Starting

    Compost can be used in seed starting mixes, but it should be fully decomposed and sifted to ensure it's fine enough not to impede the germination of small seeds. It's often mixed with other materials to ensure good drainage and aeration.

Remember, the quality of HVO’s Organic Compost is important. Fully decomposed, nutrient-rich compost will provide the most benefits for your plants. Also, be mindful not to over-apply compost, as too much can be just as detrimental as too little. Generally, a few inches of compost mixed into the soil or used as a top dressing annually is sufficient for most gardens.

A Little History About EM1

But first a little story about a farmer I met at a local farmer’s market: He told me that his soil needs to be “injected with a stream of a 180-degree heated blast of steam to keep the bad micro-organisms in check”. But what he really needed was a balanced ecosystem. Just like the human gut, if your bacteria is kept balanced, your garden will produce healthy produce.

EM1 has developed about 30 years ago in Japan. It is now a Worldwide technology with a huge following. EM1 is a superior composition of an assorted group of highly effective yeast, fungi, and bacteria, (more than 80 strains) which has been Rigorously tested and determined to be safe for animals and humans. One of the highlights of EM1 is that it is a diverse and balanced combination of productive microbes, and this gives it a multitude of healthy applications.

EM1 is used in many agricultural systems and has multiple environmental applications.

We customize all our Compost Mixes and can add any ration of the following:

Organic Fertilizer – custom made for us with a balance of effective ingredients:

  • 35% Organic Biochar
  • 20% organic Silicon Minerals
  • 20% organic Cow Manure
  • 15% Organic Coffee Ground
  • 10% Dolomite

Black Lava Cinder – mined locally from an Ancient Lava Cone, this soil amendment helps build healthy soil.

How Using Lava Rock for Soil Additive Can Seriously Improve Plant Drainage

Granulated, black lava cinder provides garden growers a helpful natural supplement to their soil components. Black Lava Cinder is an important component and a powerful soil additive, vitalizing substrate component, and a very reliable filter and drainage medium.

Black(not red) Lava Cinder breaks up the garden and orchard soil, is breathable and a great place for microorganisms to propagate. As decomposing black lava cinder material reacts with plant material and soil microorganisms, the rock material releases elements like magnesium , calcium, and iron.

Red Wigglers

If we’re talking about which worms are best to add directly to vegetable garden soil, Red Wigglers are definitely the best worms. They burrow their way through the soil, aerating it and increasing water penetration. These worms are like little secret soil specialists!

We can Custom Mix any of the above beneficial garden additives, so email us and let us know what

you want and how many yards. We can deliver within a 55-mile radius of Hilo

Blended Compost – pick out how much of each component you would like blended together

  • Organic Compost (have a box for Version 1,2,3, and4
  • Black Cinder
  • Indigenous Soil
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Red Wigglers
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Indigenous Soil

We are blessed with rich soil and our Ag land was a cattle

ranch, so we have 50 years of cow and pig manure mixed with healthy soil that is

over 10 feet in depth. Mix this in with our Compost, Black Lava Cinder

and our Organic Fertilizer and you have a great media to grow in.

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