Mycelium for Bokashi Composting

Mycelium for Bokashi Composting: A Natural Soil Health Solution

Bokashi composting is an effective and Eco-friendly method for managing kitchen and garden waste. Unlike traditional composting, which relies heavily on aerobic bacteria, Bokashi composting uses a specialized mix of anaerobic microorganisms. Hawaiian Bokashi Compost Starter ™ is a granular Compost Starter packed with 34 essential minerals and Billions of beneficial microbes. When added to your browns and greens compost pile it breaks down organic matter and generates Billions of beneficial microbes.

These microbes, introduced through this bokashi inoculant, facilitate a fermentation process that breaks down organic matter more efficiently and with fewer odors.

White mycelium is one of the most visible signs of an active bokashi composting system. Let's explore why this fungus is beneficial and what it signifies for your composting efforts.

What is White Mycelium?
What is White Mycelium?

White mycelium is a network of fungal threads, or hyphae, that spread throughout organic matter in your compost pile. These fungal networks are a crucial part of the decomposition process, as they break down complex organic compounds into simpler substances that plants can readily absorb.

Why is White Mycelium Important?

Efficient Decomposition: White mycelium accelerates organic material breakdown by secreting enzymes that digest complex molecules such as cellulose and lignin. This process speeds up the composting process.

Nutrient Enrichment: As fungi decompose organic matter, they release nutrients back into the compost. These nutrients are then readily available for plants, making the resulting compost a rich source of nourishment for your garden.

Indicator of Healthy Compost: White mycelium indicates that the beneficial microbes from the bokashi inoculant are thriving. This means your compost pile is healthy, active, efficiently transforming organic waste into valuable compost.

Soil Health: White mycelium benefits the compost plus plays a significant role in improving soil health. Mycelium enhances soil structure, water retention, and nutrient availability when incorporated into the soil, promoting healthier plant growth.

How to Encourage White Mycelium in Your Bokashi Compost

To ensure white mycelium grows in your bokashi compost, follow these tips:

Use Quality Inoculant: Start with a high-quality bokashi inoculant like Hawaiian Bokashi Inoculant. This ensures that beneficial microbes are present in sufficient quantities to kickstart composting.

Maintain Moisture: Keep your compost pile moist but not waterlogged. Fungi thrive in damp conditions, so maintaining the right moisture level is crucial for white mycelium growth.

Proper Aeration: While bokashi composting is primarily anaerobic, occasional aeration can help prevent foul odors and encourage a balanced microbial environment.

Balanced Ingredients: Use a balanced mix of green (nitrogen-rich) and brown (carbon-rich) materials. This provides a well-rounded diet for microbes and fungi in your compost.


White mycelium is a natural and beneficial part of bokashi composting. Its presence indicates that the beneficial microbes from the bokashi inoculant are actively breaking down organic matter, enriching your compost with nutrients, and creating a healthy, active composting environment. By understanding and encouraging the growth of white mycelium, you can enhance the efficiency and quality of your compost, transforming your organic waste into valuable, nutrient-dense compost for your garden.
Hawaiian Volcanic Organic® Compost Starter
Boost Your Composting with Hawaiian Volcanic Organic® Compost Starter

Hawaiian Bokashi compost starter™ releases billions of active microbes upon activation with water, forming a symbiotic relationship with plant roots to enhance nutrient uptake and boost plant health. It supplies vital minerals and improves soil biodiversity, structure, and nutrient availability.

Made from all-natural, non-synthetic ingredients, this eco-friendly and sustainable product is ideal for organic gardening.

Easy to apply, simply mix with water and apply to your soil or compost pile every 2 months. Enriched with 34 minerals, it boosts soil health, reduces fertilizer use, and enhances plant growth.
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