Pea Green Arrow

Pea Green Arrow



  • 100 seeds packet
  • Pods are often borne in doubles with 8-11 peas each
  • Vines grow to 28 inches
  • 62-70 days
  • ±2,200 seeds/lb


Locally grown organic products free from harmful pesticides

This is what we use in our greenhouses and outdoor gardens


Item Details

(aka Green Shaft) An English main crop variety and standard home and market variety. Slim pointed pods are 4-5″ long and contain 8-11 small deep green peas. Pods are almost always borne in doubles. Very heavy reliable production. Medium vines grow 24-28″ tall. Shell, 62-70 days. ±2,200 seeds/lb.

Learn to Grow Green Arrow Pea

Pea Green Arrow green arrow pea seeds Hawaiian Volcanic Organic


Instructions – Peas thrive in cool weather. Sow seeds outdoors as soon as soil can be worked in spring. Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days. Double rows of peas can be planted on each side of a trellis.


  • Spacing: Plant seeds 1-2 inches deep and 1-2 inches apart in rows 2 feet apart.
  • Sunlight: Prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade.
  • Soil: Prefers a well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-7.5.
  • Watering: Water regularly to keep the soil evenly moist.
  • Harvesting: Harvest when the pods are swollen and the peas inside are fully developed.


Health Benefits:

  • Protein: Peas are high in protein, which is beneficial for growth and development.
  • Fiber: They’re rich in fiber, promoting good digestive health.
  • Heart Health: They contain heart-healthy minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
  • Blood Sugar Control: They have a low glycemic index, helping to control blood sugar levels.
  • Vitamin C: They provide vitamin C, supporting immune health.


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