Long Eggplant Nitta/Waimalo

Long Eggplant Nitta/Waimalo



  • 100 seeds Packet
  • Very nice dark glossy purple color
  • Matures in about 3-4 months
  • 10-12 inches in length


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This is what we use in our greenhouses and outdoor gardens


Item Details

ls a hybrid eggplant with a rich purple color that is slightly larger than the Waimanalo Long eggplant. Fruits are range from about 8-12 inches in length but slightly larger in diameter.


History of the Plant

Eggplants originated in China and India and have been cultivated there for thousands of years. The Spanish Moors introduced the eggplant into southern and Eastern Europe where it became very popular. The early explorers of the New World introduced eggplant into the Americas in the 1500s, but the plant never caught on.


Growing Media

SOAKING: Soak Hybrid Eggplant seeds with warm water (around 55 C) for 15 minutes with the aim of breaking the seed dormancy period (awakening the seed while accelerating germination). Water used for soaking should be bottled water or boiled water (water that has been boiled and can be drunk). After you have finished soaking for 15 minutes, then take the seeds using a filter and wash them with clean water (boiled water), then drain/relax (leave the air open to dry on its own, or it can be aerated (exhaled by the wind/fan) to dry quickly), then do the next process.

SEEDING & PLANTING: Prepare seedling containers (places for seeding) that can be in the form of trays, trays, polybags, pots, used tins, etc. To note in the use of seedling containers is the bottom of the container must be given enough holes for smooth circulation of water (so that excess water comes out of the container so that the seedling media is not muddy or excess water). It could also be the side of the container is given a hole to further facilitate water circulation. Prepare the seedling media which can be a mixture of soil. sand or roasted husk, and compost or manure inaratioof1:1:1lor2:1:1. For simplicity, before being given planting media (soil), first insert the small stones (or rock fragments) into a polybag/pot. These stones serve as a buffer for the growing media while preventing drainage holes from clogging. Then fill the polybag/pot with planting media up to 75% — 85% part of the polybag/pot (meaning not to the full). The planting media used can be in the form of a mixture of soil, sand, fuel husk, and compost or manure with a ratio of 1: 1:1 or 2: 1: 1



IRRIGATION: Watering hybrid Eggplant plants should be done carefully so that the plants are not damaged, both leaves and stems. If the planting media dries easily, then the frequency of watering should be twice a day.

PLANT PEST CONTROL: Plant pests include trips, aphids, mites, whitefly, bark caterpillars, etc. The chances of the emergence of these plant pests will be higher in the dry season. If one plant is exposed to pests and Left alone, then the other plants will also be exposed to these pests, so don’t leave them alone. To overcome this, control by spraying insecticides for insect pests and akarisida for mites, every week according to the dose, if needed.

PLANT DISEASE CONTROL: Plant diseases include sprouting, bacterial wilt, fusarium, anthracnose, leaf rot (canephora), phytophthora blight, leaf spot (Cercospora), bacterial spotting, bacterial soft rot, yellow curling, etc. The attack of certain diseases caused by fungi and bacteria will be higher in the rainy season. As with posts, if one plant is exposed to disease and left Alana then the Athas nlante wall Alen ant that Aieaannn GLUE, UTE Ue UUTIED PUTS WILE GiSU YEL Ue Ulstase quickly, so don’t leave it. To overcome this, do control by spraying fungicides every week according to the dose if needed. The dosage instructions are on the related fungicide packaging.

HARVEST: Hybrid Eggplant harvest can be done in 70-85 HST (Day after Planting). The time needed for each Hybrid Eggplant plant for the first harvest is indeed not uniform, because it depends on the quality of each initial seed, the environment/conditions around each seed at the time of sprouting and growing, and the care of each Hybrid Eggplant plant.



NUTRITIONAL: Hybrid eggplants are an excellent source of fiber to regulate the digestive tract, vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, and potassium to balance fluid levels within the body. The eggplants also provide iron to develop the protein hemoglobin for oxygen transport through the bloodstream, calcium to protect bones and teeth, and other nutrients such as manganese, B vitamins, and copper. In Japanese natural medicines, eggplant is believed to have a cooling, diuretic effect, discharging heat from the body.

MEDICINAL: Adding eggplants to your diet may help keep your blood sugar in check. This is primarily because eggplants are high in fiber, which passes through the digestive system intact. Eggplants are high in fiber and low in calories, making them an excellent addition to any weight loss regimen. Fiber moves through the digestive tract slowly and can promote fullness and satiety, reducing calorie intake. Eggplant contains several substances that show potential in fighting cancer cells. Some animal studies have shown that SRGs could cause the death of cancer cells and may also help reduce the recurrence of certain types of cancer.



  • Spacing: Plant seeds 1/4 inch deep, 18-24 inches apart in rows 30-36 inches apart.
  • Sunlight: These plants prefer full sun.
  • Soil: Plant in well-drained, fertile soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0.
  • Watering: Water regularly to maintain moist but not waterlogged soil.
  • Harvesting: Harvest when the skin is glossy and the flesh is firm.


Health Benefits:

  • Fiber: Eggplant is rich in dietary fiber, supporting digestive health.
  • Low Calorie: It is low in calories and fat, making it suitable for weight loss diets.
  • Antioxidants: It contains antioxidants, specifically nasunin, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heart Health: It’s high in bioflavonoids, which are known to control high blood pressure and relieve stress.
  • Bone Health: It contains some vitamin K and calcium, which are essential for bone health.


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