Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage



  • 100 seeds Packet
  • Organic
  • Solid, tightly folded heads
  • Heads weigh 3-4 pounds
  • Up to 15″ long by 7″ wide
  • Short season
  • 60-75 days from transplant
  • ±6,800 seeds/oz


Locally grown organic products free from harmful pesticides hvo.earth

This is what we use in our greenhouses and outdoor gardens


Item Details

This early-maturing variety is delicious and eaten fresh. The conical, solid, tightly held heads grow up to 15″ long by 7″ wide and weigh 3-4 pounds each. A historic variety, this cabbage was first grown in the United States by Francis Brill of Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1840. 60-75 days from transplant. ±6,800 seeds/oz.


Learn to Grow Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage


Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage Hawaiian Volcanic Organic

Instructions – Cabbage is easy to grow. Sow seed indoors ¼” deep 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Plant out just before the last frost. Take care not to disrupt the shallow root system while transplanting and weeding. Make sure cabbage has a regular supply of water. Mulching will reduce weeds and keep moderate temperatures and even moisture in the soil. Cabbage is a heavy feeder and needs an even supply of nutrients.


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